Jinan Kanghe Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd.

Jinan Kanghe Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Wutai Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd., established in 2011. It is recognized as a national high-tech enterprise, a national postdoctoral workstation, a national intellectual property advantage enterprise, a "specialized, refined, distinctive, and innovative" enterprise in Shandong Province, one of the top 100 innovative enterprises with patents in Shandong Province, and a leading enterprise in Shandong Province.

The company has a comprehensive research and development platform for chemical drugs, peptide drugs, and biological pharmaceutical raw materials and formulations. It is a specialized Contract Research Organization (CRO) company.

With a strong research strength, the company currently has nearly 80 scientific research personnel, including several overseas high-level talents and researchers who graduated from top universities such as Peking University, Jilin University, Shandong University, and Beijing University of Chinese Medicine.

The company possesses talent for project evaluation and registration, as well as capabilities in complex compound synthesis, chiral drug synthesis, impurity-oriented preparation, amino acid structural unit synthesis, modification of peptide drugs, and large-scale synthesis of genetically engineered strains for purification and compatibility studies.

The company can address challenges in industrializing structurally complex long peptides and various formulations like oral, injectable, sustained release, and fat emulsions. It also has the ability to continuously develop new dosage forms and innovate analytical methods.

Moreover, the company is equipped with advanced hardware and software platforms, with nearly a hundred high-performance liquid chromatography instruments, multiple Waters ultra-high-performance liquid chromatography instruments, Waters liquid mass spectrometers, Agilent liquid mass spectrometry systems, peptide cleavage instruments, peptide synthesizers, large-capacity ultra-low temperature centrifuges, and more. It also has Waters' network version of EMPOWER, a scientific data management system, and a computer topology network system, ensuring the scientificity, completeness, authenticity, and traceability of application materials.

With its strong research capabilities, the company has applied for 94 invention patents and obtained 57 authorized patents. It has obtained 17 production approvals for various formulations and 31 approval numbers. Additionally, it has 8 production approvals for raw materials used in marketed formulations and holds 16 varieties with 44 clinical approvals.

Jinan Kanghe Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. adheres to the belief that quality is the cornerstone of Kanghe. It seeks survival and development through quality, striving for excellence is the spirit of Kanghe, always maintaining firm beliefs, never giving up, and advancing pragmatically with innovation. Pursuing excellence is the goal of Kanghe, continually pursuing higher, stronger, and further objectives, demonstrating keen innovation and constant progress. Innovation is the soul of Kanghe, representing its advantage, potential, and hope. Kanghe aims to benefit the world, promote harmony, and seek common prosperity.

Alheal Pharmaceutical LLC.


Alheal Pharmaceutical is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Wutai Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. Wutai Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. has three subsidiaries, including Kanghe Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd., a professional Contract Research Organization (CRO), Alheal Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., and Shandong Lusure Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Wutai Pharmaceutical serves as the holding platform for the entire group company, responsible for overall management and business collaboration; Kanghe is a specialized drug research and development company (CRO); Alheal is the sales and marketing management platform for the entire group company, responsible for sales management, market and academic promotion, and market research of commissioned products; Lusure Pharmaceutical is the research and production platform for the entire group, primarily responsible for the research and production of core drugs in the group.

As the sales and marketing management platform for the entire group company, Alheal Pharmaceutical has a nationwide team of high-quality professionals in business development, promotion, and sales. Not only can we continuously provide distributors with competitive products, but we can also assist them in formulating marketing strategies, training and managing their sales teams, thereby enhancing their core competitiveness and strength.